SB 2681, again. Discrimination back on the table. (With only 13 minutes to spare).

Sometimes I feel like Conrad got “Heart of Darkness” so terribly wrong…



Remember that Mississippi Senate Bill I spent a whole week stirring up outrage against? The one that so many people opposed, the MS House of Representatives was afraid to just go ahead and pass it on the floor? The one they amended to create a study committee? Well, I have no idea what the status of the study committee is in the bill that was filed at 7:47 tonight (the deadline was 8 p.m.). But look at what’s going back to both chambers for an up-or-down vote, and thanks to our friends at Deep South Progressive for telling us something the local news might not mention at all.

Section 1 of the bill says, “Government shall not substantially burden a person’s exercise of religion even if the burden results from a rule of general applicability, except as provided in paragraph (b) of this subsection.”

In practical terms, for example…

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Loki Fights Like a Girl, and That’s a Good Thing

Fairy tales, Loki, and a pretty cool argument about equality–what more could you want?

Hannah Reads Books

Minor spoilers if you haven’t seen Thor: The Dark World.

The first Thor movie is absolutely my favorite Marvel movie, and I was happy with the sequel, too. A few weeks ago, I saw this on Pinterest:

Loki and Frigga pin

Basically, it’s an observation that Loki’s Asgardian mother Frigga fights the same way Loki does: with trickery. Loki’s signature move is to create an illusion of himself and get his attacker to lunge at it, thus trapping him, luring him off a cliff, or providing an opportunity to attack him from behind. I had noticed Frigga doing it too in The Dark World, so I pinned the picture happily and went on about my business.

However, I’ve recently realized this is more important than I thought. I don’t care if Loki was adopted, and Frigga doesn’t either — she raised him, and it’s clear in TDW that they were close. (Tom Hiddleston has…

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Can We Talk About Feminism or LGBTQ Rights?


This is a response to the conversation taking place here, here, and here. I was going to just respond in a comment, but as you see, it got far too long for that.


To begin with, one could ask, “did we ever need feminism?” And the answer to that, I believe, is yes. Women did not have the right to vote. They could not hold jobs. They did not even own their own bodies, their husbands could legally rape and beat them. Saying that we should not have focused on these atrocities–that they should have instead talked about how men and women should not be forced to conform to gender norms–is ignoring the historical reality that created the feminist movement.

It’s like saying that we don’t need a gay rights movement, we need a human rights movement. It’s like saying that we don’t need to discuss systemic forms of child abuse, we need to discuss the abuse of all people. Where do such conversations leave us?

Ultimately, they leave us with nothing to say.

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Katy Gillan: This post needs a better title, but I don’t have one

katy gillan

Amber asked me if I still had this memorial for Katy. I thought that I would post it in case anyone else wanted to bookmark it or, I don’t know, something. I hadn’t read through it in years, maybe six or so. Most of the entries are riddled with grammatical errors (worse than usual; that’s saying something).

I want to keep them.

Changing them would change the substance. That voice that is speaking to you in my writing, it’s me, but it’s not-me. It’s little Jolene, or Jolene when she was littler. I don’t have the same beliefs anymore. It’s me; it’s not-me. Strange.

I was thinking about the grammar one moment, the words, the voice, about how it’s me-not-me. And then I was thinking about Katy and all the words she never… If it’s not-me writing, is it a not-Katy too? Am I remembering a not-Katy? I bet I am. I bet that she is different than the Katy that you remember. Memory is funny like that. I know that now, or I think I know that. That’s what 9 years of school tells me about memory, anyways.

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1 in 4 Americans think the Sun Orbits the Earth: The Real Problem with Education in America

We recently did a post about a new study which indicates that 1/4 of Americans do not know whether the Sun revolves around the Earth or the Earth revolves around the Sun. You can read that article here. Naturally, everyone started the blame game. And who did everyone think was to blame? Teachers.

People were arguing over whether we should blame the teachers who are liberal brainwashers or the teachers who are anti-science conservatives. So I thought I would weigh in.


Read the full thread here.

I was educated in New York, and I currently teach at the University of Southern Mississippi. My life has been divided between two states that are polar opposites, and you know what this taught me? That there really aren’t that many differences between the two States.

Before you launch into a big tirade about how Mississippi is full of crazy Christians, or New Yorkers are a bunch of socialists who have no morals, please read on:
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Let’s Be Real About Facebook: It’s not about Quality Content

*Note: My organization does not “buy likes” on Facebook. We do not buy ads on Facebook. We have never been paid to publish any content.


People seem to be under the false impression that quality posts will be seen on Facebook. You’ve only to look to Business Insider to see individuals who support this mentality. Koby Conrad recently contacted Business Insider about his website and how he successfully uses Facebook to promote it. According to the article, Conrad asserts that, “all the people whining about Facebook killing their brand pages are just managing them in the wrong ways.” Conrad continues by outlining the “right way” to manage one’s business.

Conrad claims that, although he buys “likes” in order to see his Facebook traffic increase, you do not need to buy ads in order to see your Facebook traffic increase. Wait. What? What does that even mean, “he buys ‘likes’” ? And if you don’t need to buy “likes” to see your Facebook traffic increase, why are you? I mean, are you just trying to help the struggling company or…okay, you know what. Let’s just move on.

The aforementioned contradiction aside, Conrad continues by asserting that, “A lot of people have been posting sub-par content for a long time. Going forwards into 2014, I think social media is going to see a very strong push for better content. It will no longer be just the ‘share if you hate cancer’ posts or the pages that are 24/7 infomercials, we will be able to start to see more real, relevant content in our news feeds.”

Wouldn’t that be wonderful? Individuals who invest time and energy into their posts being rewarded for their hard effort and engaging content? That, my friends, is a world that I’d love to live in. However, this is not the world that I know, and that is certainly not the Facebook that I know. Not even a little bit. So. I decided to head over to Conrad’s page to see what this “better content” looks like. Continue reading

How to Not be Mean on the Internet:

As a little introduction to what you are about to see…

I know the resolution is terrible. I realized that after I made it, but it took me forever to make. So there we are. If you click on it, it gets bigger. Then maybe you can read it. Maybe. If I have nothing better to do, someday I might fix it and upload a better picture.

2) No one pays me to write. I co-own the organization (so I’d be paying myself; that would be silly). But no corporations/businesses/individuals have paid us to publish anything ever.

3) There is more to the conversation (I state that in the image thread posted below, but I wanted it to be clear so no on accuses me of being false or misleading). I didn’t see the point in posting screenshots where all I am doing is sourcing links and discussing the scientific evidence for climate change.

4) The article that this individual took issue with was posted on Jan 4th 2014. If you really want to find it, I am sure you can.

5) There are probably typos and other things that you will judge me for. It is 4:15am. I am tired. Such is life.

6) Molly (whose name is Irie now) is doing fine. She has a lovely home.

I still miss her terribly.


mean internet troll fight owned

Bottle Cap Robot: Upcycled (questionable) Art

bottle cap robotIn my continuing quest to recycle various materials into art, I attempted to make a bottle cap robot. I stumbled across the robot pictured here on pinterest. I managed to find the artist’s website, and I spent some time browsing around the gallery. It looked easy enough.

Essentially, you take a bunch of bottle caps and glue them together. How hard could it be? Apparently, very hard. Why? For starters, you don’t glue anything together. You drill holes and use wires to connect the caps (but more on that later).

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The Best Rape Prevention: Tell College Women to Stop being Born

how to not get raped

*Editors note: I essentially just went through the original article and substituted “stop getting wasted” with “stop being born.” The result was mildly horrifying (as you will see, which was kind of the whole point). 

Slate magazine recently ran an article titled, “College Women: Stop Getting Drunk.” The facebook tag line on this illuminating piece is, “The Best Rape Prevention: Tell College Women to Stop Getting So Wasted.” However, this advice is false and misleading. In reality, the best way to prevent rape is to tell women that they should avoid being born.

Being born is closely associated with being raped.  In fact, studies indicate that 100% of sexual assault victims were born at some point during their life. The danger of being born female is made palpable by the harrowing rape trials that are broadcast across the country. In case after case, and because of the careful scrutiny by the defense attorney, we watch as each woman is forced to admit that, yes, prior to her rape, she was born. Yet, we’re reluctant to tell women to stop doing this.
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