Bottle Cap Robot: Upcycled (questionable) Art

bottle cap robotIn my continuing quest to recycle various materials into art, I attempted to make a bottle cap robot. I stumbled across the robot pictured here on pinterest. I managed to find the artist’s website, and I spent some time browsing around the gallery. It looked easy enough.

Essentially, you take a bunch of bottle caps and glue them together. How hard could it be? Apparently, very hard. Why? For starters, you don’t glue anything together. You drill holes and use wires to connect the caps (but more on that later).

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Sherlock Holmes & The Raven: Literary Art

I love Sherlock Holmes. If you haven’t read the stories by Arthur Conan Doyle, you need to read them. If you haven’t seen the new BBC series, Sherlock,  you need to watch it. Seriously. Benedict Cumberbatch is awesome, and who doesn’t love Martin Freeman? (if you don’t love him, we are no longer friends). Since I teach English Literature, I have a rather sizable book collection. From time to time, I end up with duplicates. Sometimes I donate the duplicates to libraries, sometimes I sell them, and sometimes I make art. Case in point:


Sherlock Holmes literary art

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Make a Duct Tape Wallet in 5 Steps: Tutorial

Three duct tape wallets

Three duct tape wallets

In this tutorial, I am going to try and explain how to make a duct tape wallet.  The wallet that we are making can fit 10 cards and has a money pouch. Alternatively, you can buy a wallet that I made by going here and visiting my gallery.

If you don’t fall in love with any of those, you can also choose your colors and I will be happy to customize one for you. To get a customized wallet, click the below button to make a purchase, and it will ask if you want to add a description. There, you can state your main color and secondary color, or you can list what color stripes you’d like.  If you’ve any questions, feel free to contact me. Again, see the gallery link listed above to see what I’ve already got. All of the wallets shown in this tutorial are for sale there, along with many more.

Click here to get started: Buy Now Button

I used thumbnails throughout this post to try and keep the tutorial from being 5 miles long. If you click on an image, it will make it larger and easier to see. The instructions may sound a little complex, but it is really quite easy. So if you have any questions, or if anything is unclear please ask. I will do my best to clarify.

Inside of wallet

Inside of walletThe instructions may sound a little complex, but it is really quite easy. So if you have any questions, or if anything is unclear please ask. I will do my best to clarify.

Materials :

  • piece of loose leaf paper
  • two colors of duct tape (primary color “A,” secondary color “B” )
  • straight edge razor
  • ruler
  • surface to cut on (I just use an old piece of plywood).

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Crayon Art

IMG_4416(1)This is a really quick craft that anyone can do. Unfortunately, you can’t really do anything else while you are working on this craft. You see, I am rather lazy. I like to watch TV; however, watching TV makes me feel as though I am wasting my life. So I do crafts while I am watching tv.

To sum:
I watch tv.
I do crafts.
I don’t waste my life.

But that’s not the case with this craft...

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Erasure Poetry:

I do things with Words…

April is National Poetry Month (or “NaPoMo,” as all those crazy poets call it). And, at heart, I am a poet. Actually, I think that I’m technically a writer, or maybe just a blooger…well, I am whatever word you want to use for a semi-creative person who likes to do things with words.

Anyways, I lack the time and commitment to be a part of my university’s Poem-A-Day email list. But I managed to get a few erasure poems done a few weeks ago, so I thought that I would share them for NaPoMo.

Below you will find the following:

  1. The title of the poem
  2. The poem (in all its glorious glory)
  3. A typed version of the poem (I don’t have the best scanner, so they may be a bit hard to read. You can click on them to make them larger).
  4. A little sketch by Jolene (that’s me).

Once you finish, you should make one yourself and send it to me (who doesn’t like getting creative poetry from random people?). Maybe we’ll start a whole movement! Picture it: people shoving erasure poems into strangers’ mailboxes, placing them under an unsuspecting person’s windshield wipers, leaving them in library books…we should totally do this.

But I’ll organize my Erasure Poem Movement in another post. For now, on to the poems…

Calm After the Storm

erasure poem 3

but have
a heart
for something

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Doctor Who Duct Tape Purse:

99df60b111aafb4afb3f68c183fd52c3I love Doctor Who.

In fact, I love nearly everything on the BBC. British television is simply glorious. Stephen Fry’s “QI” is currently eating my life, but I learn a lot in the process and I get to laugh at Alan (who is simply charming). So I really don’t feel too bad about it. I just finished watching Simon Pegg’s “Spaced” a few months back, which was also wonderful. I know, I know. I am a bit late to the party (about 14 years late), blame America for not giving me access sooner. Then of course there is the much anticipated season of “Sherlock,” the morally questionable “Peep Show,” “Black Books,” “IT Crowd,” and…well the list just goes on and on really. I could spend some time talking about how British television is so wonderful because it is not whitewashed like American TV, but I have been rambling for a bit now and I really shouldn’t belabor this any longer.

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Duct Tape Purses

The glory that is duct tape.

All my wonderful purses


I know, I know. People have been saying for years that you can use duct tape for anything. The thing is, they are right. So I made a few purses. Unfortunately, the amazing tutorial that I used didn’t give you any sizes. As a result, I made a few blunders. So I thought that I would share the sizes so you can determine what it best for you.

The whole process is really quite simple, you can find the tutorial that I used here. And when I say that it is rather simple, I mean it. Anyone who has hands can do this (sorry to all the handless people out there, you have my sympathy). Just head down to the local store, pick up a few rolls of duct tape (they usually run about 4.00$) and you will have yourself a brand new purse in about 15 minutes.

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