Adventures in Writing Passive Aggressive Notes:

Today in the life of Jolene:

Jolene leaves passive aggressive notes for questionable individuals who participate in questionable activities.

passive aggressive note car theif

passive aggressive note

So. I went to get into my car this morning, and I discovered that someone else had already been there. Everything in my central console was thrown about the front of my car, and the console was still open. When I checked the rest of the car, the passenger side door was not fully closed. It seems that, when I went outside last night to put my new registration in my car, I forgot to lock my doors. So some young (or old) ruffian took this as an opportunity to ransack my car.

Fortunately, they didn’t find anything of value. Unfortunately, it is because I have nothing of value.

So it goes.

UPDATE (2 hours later): Someone stole my note :c

note is now MIA

note is now MIA

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