Let’s Be Real About Facebook: It’s not about Quality Content

*Note: My organization does not “buy likes” on Facebook. We do not buy ads on Facebook. We have never been paid to publish any content.


People seem to be under the false impression that quality posts will be seen on Facebook. You’ve only to look to Business Insider to see individuals who support this mentality. Koby Conrad recently contacted Business Insider about his website and how he successfully uses Facebook to promote it. According to the article, Conrad asserts that, “all the people whining about Facebook killing their brand pages are just managing them in the wrong ways.” Conrad continues by outlining the “right way” to manage one’s business.

Conrad claims that, although he buys “likes” in order to see his Facebook traffic increase, you do not need to buy ads in order to see your Facebook traffic increase. Wait. What? What does that even mean, “he buys ‘likes’” ? And if you don’t need to buy “likes” to see your Facebook traffic increase, why are you? I mean, are you just trying to help the struggling company or…okay, you know what. Let’s just move on.

The aforementioned contradiction aside, Conrad continues by asserting that, “A lot of people have been posting sub-par content for a long time. Going forwards into 2014, I think social media is going to see a very strong push for better content. It will no longer be just the ‘share if you hate cancer’ posts or the pages that are 24/7 infomercials, we will be able to start to see more real, relevant content in our news feeds.”

Wouldn’t that be wonderful? Individuals who invest time and energy into their posts being rewarded for their hard effort and engaging content? That, my friends, is a world that I’d love to live in. However, this is not the world that I know, and that is certainly not the Facebook that I know. Not even a little bit. So. I decided to head over to Conrad’s page to see what this “better content” looks like. Continue reading

How to Not be Mean on the Internet:

As a little introduction to what you are about to see…

I know the resolution is terrible. I realized that after I made it, but it took me forever to make. So there we are. If you click on it, it gets bigger. Then maybe you can read it. Maybe. If I have nothing better to do, someday I might fix it and upload a better picture.

2) No one pays me to write. I co-own the organization (so I’d be paying myself; that would be silly). But no corporations/businesses/individuals have paid us to publish anything ever.

3) There is more to the conversation (I state that in the image thread posted below, but I wanted it to be clear so no on accuses me of being false or misleading). I didn’t see the point in posting screenshots where all I am doing is sourcing links and discussing the scientific evidence for climate change.

4) The article that this individual took issue with was posted on Jan 4th 2014. If you really want to find it, I am sure you can.

5) There are probably typos and other things that you will judge me for. It is 4:15am. I am tired. Such is life.

6) Molly (whose name is Irie now) is doing fine. She has a lovely home.

I still miss her terribly.


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