Bottle Cap Robot: Upcycled (questionable) Art

bottle cap robotIn my continuing quest to recycle various materials into art, I attempted to make a bottle cap robot. I stumbled across the robot pictured here on pinterest. I managed to find the artist’s website, and I spent some time browsing around the gallery. It looked easy enough.

Essentially, you take a bunch of bottle caps and glue them together. How hard could it be? Apparently, very hard. Why? For starters, you don’t glue anything together. You drill holes and use wires to connect the caps (but more on that later).

I didn’t really have a plan or anything when I started. I just glued stuff together in shapes that vaguely resembled arms, legs, a body etc. Then I attempted to mash them all together. My efforts were somewhat less that productive.

To begin with, I did’t actually have a body for my robot. My bottle cap collection is somewhat limited, so all I had were more small, round blue caps. Ultimately, you couldn’t distinguish the legs from the rest of the body. My robot looked like an awkward bean pole (this is why you plan out what you are going to make *before* you try to make it). I added in the large yellow caps to try and separate the body from the legs. Unfortunately, the colors totally clash, and the top cap looks like a strange hoola-hoop. But with my limited collection, it was the best I could do.

Also, I didn’t have anything to use for hands. In the original version, the artist clearly had a large assortment of caps to work with…all I had were the clear, plastic corks left over from cheap wine. So that’s what I went with. You’ll note that the original artists also took the time to cut the caps to fit his needs (the robot actually has fingers as a result). I didn’t try and alter the caps at all; I just glued them on as is, which is why my robot has awkward stumps for arms.

Of course, then there is the plethora of glue that you can clearly see all over my robot. Not only are there awkward strings of hot glue all over the place, there are large clumps everywhere that I glued the caps together. In addition to all of this, in the original creation, arms and legs move.  And while you can break off my robots arms and legs quite easily, you can’t move them into different poses because I used glue instead of wire.

Anyways, there we have it. Jolene’s first attempt at making a robot. Behold the glory!

bottle cap robot


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