Telephone Pictionary Art: A Great Party Game (with or without drinking )

Telephone Pictionary combines two of the most fantastical games in existence–Telephone and Pictionary (obviously)–and it’s great to play this as a drinking game whilst consuming copious amounts of alcohol, or to play without alcohol. The rules are rather simple. Essentially, you pass a phrase or an image along a string of people and see how horribly mangled it is at the end of the line. I created this post after playing it with a few friends one night. If you’ve never played the game before, I’ll briefly go over the specifics to help you understand what you are seeing:

  1. Give everyone who is playing a stack of index cards equal to the number of players (if you have 6 players, everyone needs 6 index cards).
  2. Each person writes a word or a phrase on their index card (phrases generally work better, as they are much more amusing and fun to draw).
  3. Everyone passes their stack to the person sitting next to them.
  4. Players look at the phrase written by the person before them, then they move the index card with the phrase on it to the bottom of the stack and attempt to draw a picture of the phrase.
  5. Everyone passes their stack (with the drawing on top) to the person sitting next to them.
  6. Players look at the drawing created by the person before them, then they move the index card with the drawing on it to the bottom of the stack. Next, they interpret the image and write their interpretation on the index card.
  7. Repeat these steps (alternating between drawing and writing) until everyone has their own stack back.
  8. Everyone takes a turn sharing their stack. You all laugh at the terribly drawings/translations and have a merry old time.

Now, on to our Telephone Pictionary art:

Klingon War Song –> TV rots your brain

This started out as “Klingon War Song.” Unfortunately, the next person in line (James) never saw an episode of Star Trek. As a result, he had no idea what a Klingon looked like, so he decided to draw a picture of himself being shamed. You can see how things developed (or failed to develop) from there.

pictionary art

Pineapple Wearing a Sombrero –> Punk Guy with a Tie on

This one quickly went from a cute pineapple with a fancy, fancy hat to a terrifying image of a person with a pineapple for a face. There we have a confusing image of a man with spiky hair (which, apparently, is supposed to look like the top of a pineapple) and a punk rocker. Totally makes sense. Totally.



pictionary pineapple

punk rock pictionary

Witch Hunters –> Judge and Executioner

This translation actually stayed on topic…for the most part, anyways. We may have gotten a little sidetracked with “Dead witch with a sad fat man in the background.”

witch pictionary


Diagnostics will now be Preformed by Dogs who Work for the Government –> Confederate Monsters Chasing Bugs

Did anyone really expect this one to stay on topic? The first image is supposed to be a dog looking at an x-ray. Admittedly, the dog does look a little like the canine version of Uncle Sam.  There rest of the images/interpretations are fairly obvious.



The D.M.V –> Hail a Cab

This one stayed fairly true to the original.



The Black Knight –> Sword Fight Scene from the Princess Bride

This Monty Python reference almost made it all the way around, but we floundered on the home stretch.

the black knight art


Love Shack, Baby, Love Shack –> Evicting a Single Mother

This one took a rather sad and depressing turn. Though, I must admit, the final image is my favorite drawing of the night.



Lawnmower Race –> 5 Man Race around a Track

Apparently, the 3rd person thought that the wire fence looked a little like Auschwitz…we were all rather glad that the 4th person decided to drop the “concentration camp” part, as the images would have become rather horrifying.

lawnmower race


Jump the Shark –> Evil Knievel vs. the Sharks

This one kept the all the basic elements, and turned out hilarious.

jump the shark pictionary


The Postman always Rings Twice –> Stop! Hammertime!

The last one in their series is probably my other favorite of the night.



We played the game twice, so I have another round of images to put up. However, I have to tape them together to fit them on the scanner, and that takes a bit of time. So I’ll probably get it done tomorrow.

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