Duct Tape Purses

The glory that is duct tape.

All my wonderful purses


I know, I know. People have been saying for years that you can use duct tape for anything. The thing is, they are right. So I made a few purses. Unfortunately, the amazing tutorial that I used didn’t give you any sizes. As a result, I made a few blunders. So I thought that I would share the sizes so you can determine what it best for you.

The whole process is really quite simple, you can find the tutorial that I used here. And when I say that it is rather simple, I mean it. Anyone who has hands can do this (sorry to all the handless people out there, you have my sympathy). Just head down to the local store, pick up a few rolls of duct tape (they usually run about 4.00$) and you will have yourself a brand new purse in about 15 minutes.

The First Attempt:

first purse

A little small at 22 X 20 inches

Here is the first purse that I attempted to make. Maybe I shouldn’t say “attempted,” as it is rather obvious that I succeeded in the whole “purse making” endeavor. Of course, if I am being honest, this really isn’t my first attempt. Remember when I said that you’ll have a purse in 15 minutes? Well, you will…assuming that you don’t make any mistakes. I had to throw out about half a roll the first go-round because I mucked everything up.

Unfortunately, when I was trying to peel the first side off of the table, I got part of the tape stuck to another part of the tape and, well, things just went down hill from there. However, as you can see, I finally got the hang of it. This purse turned out alright but, as I note in the caption, it is a bit small. Which is exactly why I put a pink heart on it; it’s just the right size for a young girl or boy (I hate gender stereotypes).

Having Another Go:

A little big for some at 30 X 20

A little big for some at 30 X 20

And since that purse was too small (it seemed to be made for a tiny, little person), I gave it another try with something a bit bigger. I think that this one turned out lovely. I wanted to be able to put a book to two in, and this is just perfect for that. I also like the color a lot better. The blue was a little bland and looked sort of cheap. However, this purse looks like a design that you would actually buy. The picture doesn’t really do it justice, which is unfortunate as it is my favorite (maybe I’ll try an take a better picture when I stop being lazy). Anyways, I think that most will probably prefer something a little bit smaller. In fact, all of my friends who asked me to make something for them specifically requested that I make their purses not quite so largish. But if you are looking for a good beach purse, this is definitely the one to go with. It will easily fit a book, towel, sunscreen, and a few other necessities.

Narrowing it Down for Friends:

Narrowing it down at 15 X 20

Narrowing it down at 15 X 20

My friend Annette asked me to make this purse for her. She wanted something that was nice and slim…which this purse definitely is. She wanted to have something that wouldn’t get too cluttered (I guess she’ s a bit of a hoarder). The problem that I see with this size is that you can fit any number of small items inside: wallet, keys, cell phone, makeup, daily planner (you get the picture). And all of these items just pile up on top on one another, so that you can’t find anything. However, Annette seems to like it. She says that she uses it for class, just a book, note pad, phone, and wallet. Since most of those items are easy enough to tell apart jumbled about in a rather narrow purse, I guess it works…or maybe she just likes to torture herself by using an awful purse, who knows.

The Best Recommendation:

033 (2)

A happy medium at 27 X 20

So I carried on with life for awhile, using my purse to merrily carry my books to the beach and other fantastical places. Then another friend, Christina, asked me to make her a purse in exchange for a lovely knitted coffee cup holder. Personally, I think that I made out in the deal (not that the purse is terrible, but Christiana is rather crafty when it comes to knitting.  Like Annette, Christina asked for something a bit smaller than the pink and black purse that I used. She said that she didn’t care what colors I used, so I went with red, yellow, and blue because they are so bright. Looking back, I wish that I didn’t make a heart as it looks a little too much like its made for a little kid. However, the size seems to be just perfect. It’s not so narrow that things get all jumbled up, and it’s not so big that you feel like you are carrying a diaper bag…it is the Goldilocks of purses. So if you aren’t sure what to go with, this is the size that I’d recommend starting with, then you can adjust as necessary.

A final warning:

This is duct tape. Duct tape becomes less sticky in the heat. I’m not saying that your purse will turn into soup if you go outside…but if you leave it in the car for six hours in 90° weather, things won’t be pretty. It will kind of crinkle, and melt a little, and get all misshapen. I know from experience.


5 thoughts on “Duct Tape Purses

  1. I love stuff like this. Have you made things from old plastic bags? It’s the common everyday throwaway stuff that makes you look at “junk” a little differently. Thanks for posting!

    • I haven’t. However, I do know how to knit, and I was saving bags for quite awhile. I was going to make them into a reusable knitted bag. But we got a dog and started using them to clean up after him so, unfortunately, my supply dwindled rather rapidly.

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