Doctor Who Duct Tape Purse:

99df60b111aafb4afb3f68c183fd52c3I love Doctor Who.

In fact, I love nearly everything on the BBC. British television is simply glorious. Stephen Fry’s “QI” is currently eating my life, but I learn a lot in the process and I get to laugh at Alan (who is simply charming). So I really don’t feel too bad about it. I just finished watching Simon Pegg’s “Spaced” a few months back, which was also wonderful. I know, I know. I am a bit late to the party (about 14 years late), blame America for not giving me access sooner. Then of course there is the much anticipated season of “Sherlock,” the morally questionable “Peep Show,” “Black Books,” “IT Crowd,” and…well the list just goes on and on really. I could spend some time talking about how British television is so wonderful because it is not whitewashed like American TV, but I have been rambling for a bit now and I really shouldn’t belabor this any longer.

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Duct Tape Purses

The glory that is duct tape.

All my wonderful purses


I know, I know. People have been saying for years that you can use duct tape for anything. The thing is, they are right. So I made a few purses. Unfortunately, the amazing tutorial that I used didn’t give you any sizes. As a result, I made a few blunders. So I thought that I would share the sizes so you can determine what it best for you.

The whole process is really quite simple, you can find the tutorial that I used here. And when I say that it is rather simple, I mean it. Anyone who has hands can do this (sorry to all the handless people out there, you have my sympathy). Just head down to the local store, pick up a few rolls of duct tape (they usually run about 4.00$) and you will have yourself a brand new purse in about 15 minutes.

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